Full Arm
10 minutes
From shoulder to finger tips, we remove every single hair from the arms in a quick and almost painless fashion. It's a really lovely result if you have an under-arm wax too and self-tan goes on nice and even without gathering in the fine hair. We include any little strays on the wrists, back of the hands and fingers so no need to book the hands and fingers wax separately, it's all included. We like to be thorough!

Waxing is a quick, expert and almost painless method to remove unwanted hair. Hair should be around ¼ inch in length to achieve the best result. The advantages offered by full arm waxing are thoroughly removes all hair from the fingers to the shoulder, leaving super smooth skin that last for at least 3 weeks long. This process will fully cover your arm, which starts from your fingers and ends at your shoulder.

Before the process begins, you should let us know on any type of allergy or condition that you may have since waxing may cause some minor allergy. There are 6 steps in our process:

Step 1: Your arm will be fully cleaned with warm water to help with the waxing

Step 2: Using an applicator, wax is put onto the area

Step 3: A strip cloth is placed to secure the wax

Step 4: The technician will pull the cloth off after around 10 seconds

Step 5: Repeat until both arms is fully cleaned

Step 6: Both arms will be rinsed again to remove any leftover wax

Available Technicians
Jennifer Nails
Mr. Jimmy
Mr. Lenor
Mr. Rico
Ms. Hanna
Ms. Hellen
Ms. Katty
Ms. Kim
Ms. Liliana
Ms. Rosa
Ms. Sueshi
Ms. Trang
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