Paraffin Wax
15 minutes
Paraffin Wrap, also known as Body Wrap treatment, is a soothing wrap treatment that will ease aching joints, smooth skin, increase blood flow and relax the muscles. The paraffin is often scented with soothing oils.

Bandages are seldom used as part of this unique, skin-softening body treatment - warm paraffin wax is brushed directly on to your body. Sometimes body wraps work best when the skin is slightly damp, so our therapist may ask you to take a quick shower, or use warmed, damp flannels on your skin.

With 4 simple steps, our therapist will help you relax and enjoy a full service of Paraffin Wrap:

Step 1: Soften your skin with a generous application of Shea body butter.

Step 2: A warm paraffin mask is applied on your entire body. After several layers are added, the wax will be covered in a plastic bag and wrapped in hot towels.

Step 3: Enjoy the deeply penetrating heat as you are cocooned in soft heated blankets receiving scalp and facial massage.

Step 4: After 20 - 30 minutes, the wax is completely cooled, it will be pulled away and taking dead skin cells along with it.

Available Technicians
Jennifer Nails
Mr. Jimmy
Mr. Lenor
Mr. Rico
Ms. Hanna
Ms. Hellen
Ms. Katty
Ms. Kim
Ms. Liliana
Ms. Rosa
Ms. Sueshi
Ms. Trang
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