UV Gel Pink & White Fill In
40 minutes
If your nails are still in relatively good condition with minimal chips there’s an easy way to refresh them without removing them and starting over from scratch. A beautiful pink & white gel fill in may be used to enhance the look of the nail and make it shinner, and UV gel helps protect the nail from the sun’s yellowing effects.

Pink & White Gel nails are sculpted using white powder gel. The base of the nail is then overlaid with pink liquid gel. After applying each coat, our nail technician put your nails under ultraviolet (UV) light for up to 2 minutes to “cure” or harden the product. This process gives the nail a high bond quality and brighter French enhancement that will not chip.

The process of Pink & White Gel Fill In service generally takes these steps:

Step 1: Prep the nail. Trim or file nails to desired length and shape with your 180 grit file. They will probably be long if it’s been a week or two since your original application.

Step 2: Using cuticle pusher, gently push the cuticles back.

Step 3: Use the file to gently buff off the topcoat of your gel nails, removing all of the shine and blending the line where the gel meets the nail until it’s flush.

Step 4: Then use buffer to go around the cuticle area & remove all the shine from the natural nail.

Step 5: Remove the dust and oil with an alcohol soaked lint free wipe.

Step 6: Apply base gel to entire nail (sealing the free edge first). Get as close to the cuticle as possible without touching it.

Step 7: Cure for 1 min (UV lamp).

Step 8: Use a clean, dry lint-free wipe to remove the tacky layer.

Step 9: Apply pink & white gel nail polish to entire nail. Cure each coat for 3 mins under a UV lamp.

Step 10: Apply top coat and cure for 2-3 mins (UV lamp). Let your nails dry and finish the process.

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